Since philosophy of our company follows the slogan SMALL - LIGHT - GREEN, we are pleased to work with companies alike and their proven professionals in different areas of our joint work.

Aerosol - Magee Scientific

Director:  Sebastijan Marinič

Aerosol d.o.o. develops and producing Magee Scientific instruments for measurement of black carbon

Cooperation in the measurement of air pollution with black carbon.

Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

Director: dr. Andrej Simončič 

Cooperation with the Hyperspectral Imaging

2B d.o.o.

Geoinformatics and representation

Director: Ing. Andrej Bilc
Cooperation in the development, metric calibration, aerial triangulation and mapping services

GEODETSKA DRUŽBA Ljubljana d.o.o.

Director: ing. Marjan Kotar
Cooperation in the development, photogrammetry and surveying services.

CEBRAM marketing agency d.o.o.

Director: Rado Likon

Cooperation with the production of short promotional video messages or longer films.

GRANGEO d.o.o.

Director: Ing. Andrej Grilc
Cooperation in the field of photogrammetry, 3D


Director: dr. Ales Kranjc
Aviation electronic system development and Geoniss for aerial surveying.

PANALP d.o.o.

Director: Vojko Strahovnik
Cooperation on the project “The Alps - A Bird's Eye View“

ARGOS d.o.o.

Director: Vojko Strahovnik
Participating in various publishing and internet projects.


Director: Marko Lenarčič
Cooperation on various projects.


Director: Ivo Boscarol
Modification of the aircraft for aerial surveys.