For aerial survey, we are using an ultra light airplanes WT9 Dynamic Survey and Virus-SW 914 turbo.

Airplane WT9 Dynamic Survey, with a speed range between 70 and 250 km/h, altitude of 6000 m and fuel consumption under 14 l/h it is an ideal, efficient and environment-friendly platform for aerial surveying and detection of black carbon in atmosphere. All necessary modifications are made by Aerospool company.

Dynamic Survey Dynamic Survey

High performance ultralight aircraft Pipistrel VirusSW914 is ideal platform for scientific researches of air pollution.


  • low speed flying at 80 km/h,
  • high speed flying at 300 km/h,
  • low fuel consumption: 18,1 l/h at FL100, TAS 145kts, 63% power,
  • low CO2 and Black Carbon emissions,
  • low noise 63 dB,
  • low empty weight 290 kg,
  • maximum take-off weight 750 kg (experimental version),

Beside aircraft modifications carried on by Pipistrel which enabled aircraft 4000+ km range, 18-19 hours autonomy, high level flying up to 30 000 feet, the special aircraft Pipistrel VirusSW914 has been significantly modified also for scientific research of BC measurements.

Pipistrel Virus SW 914 turbo             Pipistrel Virus SW 914 turbo