Aerovizija d.o.o. belongs to the highest class of creditworthiness in Slovenia, for the fourth time in a row.

For the fourth time in a row.


Mountain lakes in Slovenia were considered for a long time as pristine, unpolluted lakes, in opposite to most of low-land lakes. Analyses in the last decade revealed considerable human impact even in such remote places.

(source: Anton Brancelj)


Aerovizija d.o.o. receives the AAA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate

Aerovizja d.o.o. has received Bisnode's AAA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate. This internationally recognized certificate, which is only awarded to companies that manage to retain the highest creditworthiness rating, AAA, for three consecutive years.

We are confident that the creditworthiness rating AAA will maintain also in the next year.

New Aerospool WT 9 Dynamic in Slovenia

The next generation WT 9 Dynamic GX of sport aircraft is here.

The Aerospool WT 9 Dynamic was among the first European composite sport aircraft to use carbon fibre sandwich construction technology similar to gliders, and this results in pleasing compound curves and a very smooth finish. It first appeared in 2001 and is manufactured by Aerospool spol. s.r.o. of Prievidza in Slovakia. The aircraft is supplied ready to fly from the factory as a microlight or LSA and more than 650 have been built to date.  It is of 2 seat side by side low wing configuration with either a fixed or retractable tricycle undercarriage and it can be powered by Rotax 912 or turbo 914 engines.

We have two Dynamics in Slovenia to date, imported by Aerovizija d.o.o. who is the Slovenian, Croatia, Serbia, Macedinia business partner for the aircraft.

With the success of the WT9 Dynamic in Slovenia to date, we think it is likely that we will see more of them in the future. The third is on the way and will be delivered on September 2018.

WT 9 Dynamic GX     WT 9 Dynamic GX
WT 9 Dynamic GX WT 9 Dynamic GX
AEROVIZIJA d.o.o. with AAA creditworthiness rating for year 2017

Creditworthiness rating is above-average rating value of entities - economic operators. It is based on the entities' financial statements for the last business year and forecasts the safety of operations in the next twelve months.

We are confident that the creditworthiness rating AAA will maintain also in the next year.

Creditworthiness rating AAA company Aerovizija d.o.o.

We wish you a prosperous year ahead.

Dear partners and colleagues,

We would like to thank you for your support and favour.

In the year 2017, we brought several innovations to enhance our business and work.

We wish you pleasant holidays and a prosperous year ahead.

Aerovizija Team

Prosperous year ahead.

WT9 Dynamic LSA - Club is available now!

After several years of intensive work the Aerospool company obtained certificate of first version of the WT9 Dynamic LSA - Club.
Considering this success WT9 Dynamic LSA – Club is for sell now.

Customer can decide for:
- standby speedmeter in km/h or in knots
- colour of canopy glass (standard is colourless, can be chosen brown or blue)
- colour of interior painting
- colour of upholstery
- colour of carpet
- colour of seat belts
- colour of exterior design

All other equipment is standard.

You can also find photos of aircraft, interior and instrument panel below.
Further information can be found at

WT9 Dynamic LSA - Club WT9 Dynamic LSA - Club WT9 Dynamic LSA - Club WT9 Dynamic LSA - Club
Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems

Last week, we participated at the ICARUS project ( We measured and collected over Ljubljana city samples for air pollution for the short term.

The ICARUS project’s main objective is to develop integrated tools and strategies for urban impact assessment in support of air quality and climate change governance in EU Member States leading to the design and implementation of appropriate abatement strategies to improve the air quality and reduce the carbon footprint in European cities.

Participating cities  ICARUS Project ICARUS Project
ICARUS Project ICARUS Project ICARUS Project

We were part of ACTRIS project (, which is the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases. 
We measured vertical profiles of Black Carbon over Po basin, Mt. Cimone and Bologna.

Company Aerosol d.o.o., loaned us an instrument Aethalometer AE33.

For more details, please follow the link below


Padova Bologna
Mt. Cimone Molinella

Company Aerovizija successfully conducted aerial survey project DOF 0.03 and the DMR geodetic plan for the purpose of placing new zone GATER on the scale 590 ha.

GATER zone

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